Monday, February 8, 2010

Ahem. Well, Clearly I need a bit of practice at this new 5 a day concept. Practice makes perfect!

  1. While on a spiritual level, I find it righteous that we live without the energy sucking central heat and air, on cold mornings like today my cold toes dream of it!
  2. Lotus says he would sleep with me even if I was in a cave.
  3. Lily is collaborating on an impressive Mayan calendar with her Jordan Glen history group.
  4. Stayed up till 3am last night watching the Michael Jackson "This is It" movie, matting children's artwork and waiting for Sky to return from the Mt. Dora art show.
  5. That makes me sleepy right now, so I plan to go rake away the dead Seminole Pumpkin vines from the garden, preparing for spring and getting the blood flowing.

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