Saturday, February 20, 2010

  1. A little guy puked on his desk during art yesterday. The smell almost caused 4 other kids to join him.
  2. The Expressions silent Gala was last night. I have a hard time coming up with nice formal wear. I wound up rocking a Frida Kahlo look, with a long black dress, black flower in my hair and my red "cape." It was fun and festive and well attended. I danced the cha cha and chatted with lovely folks like Kay Weigal, Donna Waller, Kana Handel, Olapatun, and more. Donna Waller is taking groups of anthropology students into Ecuador. I'd like to find out more.
  3. I was the head cashier again this year. This process must be streamlined! I think I've got a better way. One table for collection of bid sheets, one for payment. It was a pile up this yera.
  4. After the gala, I went to Juan and Amanda's bonfire potluck. It was heavenly. There I joined Ivor, Lisa, Amanda and many others singing under the moonlight. We had a 4 part string section for a while- mandolin, guitar, violin and stand up bass. We sang some slow gospel tunes and some classic songs lots of people know (Gillian Welch, Wagon Wheel, Neil Young) and some more chanty trancy stuff. It. was. heavenly.
  5. I need to try and sing every day. The skill of remembering lyrics sharpens the mind and the singing softens the soul.

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