Sunday, February 21, 2010

  1. Slept in until 11:30. 11:30!! I woke up with a big ol headache. I only drank 3 rum and cokes throughout the 8 hours I was out, and I told the bartender specifically to make them wussy drinks. I just have a sensitivity to alcohol, and can't handle any quantity.
  2. I checked the hive today. I found lots of brood and uncapped larva in a dense pattern. This is a sign of a good laying queen! But, I saw almost no capped honey, which makes me believe I may have harvested too soon. So I prepared a baggie feeder of 2:1 sugar water and put it in the hive. I'm hoping it didn't leak all over the bees. The baggie method seems kinda clumsy.
  3. During my inspection, I managed to squirt a bunch of sugar syrup on myself and almost set the yard on fire with my smoker. Patrick, working on his treehouse, got a good chuckle out of watching me stomping out the flames in the grass in my sugar coated boots.
  4. The Miller clan was here from about 4pm till 10pm last night. They are very sweet boys. We gathered up all the bows and arrows we could find (4 bows and about 25 arrows) and took to the archery range next door. The kids really enjoyed shooting each target and tallying their scores. There was even a 3D target- a huge foam bear. Yardley thought it was a real bear and raised his hackles and growled to protect his people! After we returned home, the kids headed to TV/ computer land and I fed them steadily- beans and rice, sliced cucumbers, mint tea, popcorn, more mint tea, more popcorn, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The idea of a sleepover lost popularity around 9:30 pm and their parents came and scooped them up.
  5. When Lotus and I cuddle, he calls me the "warm bug." Last night, he said "Warm bug in da house!"

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