Monday, February 8, 2010

  1. I have carrots, albeit stubby, growing nicely in the garden along with curly kale, dino kale and arugula.
  2. I used my new electric chainsaw to cut down a tree today (a first for me). I'm not much for the chopping of trees, but this little-ish laurel oak was in the middle of my garden zone.
  3. I just gave my bees their 3rd installment of a natural varroa mite treatment. It consists of coating as many of the bees as possible in a fine dust of powdered sugar to encourage thorough grooming and thus mite removal. I'll check my hives bottom board tomorrow and see if my mite drop is decreasing.
  4. Upon hive inspection, I noticed some bees bringing home a bright red orange pollen. What is that?
  5. I'm now off to turn shovels of earth in a small section of my garden that I'm going to try Concha's way. Concha plants directly into turned earth that has been covered with a black plastic mesh weed barrier with small holes for the vegetables. We'll see!

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