Monday, February 15, 2010

  1. Well, the fuddy duddy art show? Yep. Fuddy to the duddy x 2. Tumbleweeds. The University Club of Winter Park, the hosts of the event, were nice but unsupportive, clueless and extremely elderly. They did make us some nice pastries and coffee though. The show was so slow (how slow was it, Sarah?) that it only filled one trash can 3/4 full for the two days. Now that's slow! But, I had a few good books, long johns and gloves and by the weekend's end had managed to raise enough funds to pay for half of today's dentist visit. So, no whining!
  2. While in Winter Park, my sweet mother took me out to the nicest dinner I can remember having in many years. The restaurant was Mi Tomatina in Winter Park's trendy Hannibal Square. It is a small, locally owned place with a European feeling. Decorations were inspired by artist Miro, including original designs in mosaic upon the tables. But we weren't lucky enough to get a table so we snuggled into a corner of the bar. That wound up being just fine, as we had a front row seat of all the hectic interactions of the beautiful young staff. We ate paella and drank dark red wine. After our meal we were given warm washcloths to freshen up and Spanish coffee to round out our experience. I felt thoroughly spoiled after a fairly humbling day.
  3. Lotus, Lily and I all had dental appointments today. Lotus was a total champ and his sideways smile due to heavy Novocaine- priceless! One more $400 appointment will put us in the dentist's good graces, unless you include two orthodontists referrals!!
  4. I am ready for spring- dogwoods, azaleas, redbuds and warming days. I know it's coming because the robins are here. But right now freezing nights are still the norm.
  5. Lotus is an excellent lumberjack, wood hauler and fire starter, trained by his papa. It makes the cold nights much warmer.

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