Thursday, February 18, 2010

  1. On tonight's agenda is painting a ragged medieval tapestry to be hung in Fiona's castle for the set of the Shrek play. Aaah, procrastination.
  2. I had a lovely day of art today with a nice lesson from DeepSpaceSparkle. The K-1 guys made some beautiful cardinals in the bare branches of winter with a crisp blue shimmering sky.
  3. Tomorrow is the first time I've seen the 4th 5th grade in quite a while, due to holidays and the medieval fair. I painted cardboard canvases gold today for use in a lesson tomorrow about Gustav Klimt.
  4. Tonight's dinner was authentic matzoh ball soup, courtesy of Paul. He has a way of getting the kids excited about the meals he's cooking.
  5. I spent about an hour repotting tomato seedlings this afternoon and am still not done! Come to my house for salsa in a few months, k?

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