Tuesday, February 9, 2010

  1. That bright red pollen? Cypress.
  2. I collected my sticky bottom board that I had placed under the hive yesterday. Again lots of Varroa mites. I need to learn more about what is an acceptable level of mites, and if I can powdered sugar shake my colony tooooo much. Hopefully I'll have time to do a more comprehensive inspection this weekend.
  3. I cut up seed potatoes (thanks Callie!) for planting tomorrow.
  4. I sent in my cheek swabs to become a member of the bone marrow registry. We'll see if I match someone in need. If this is the case I'll give either platelets (sort of like plasma) or have marrow drawn from my spine. Yikes! Although this sounds unpleasant, many people are sitting in hospitals around the country right now waiting for "a match." One neat thing is that if you are found to have a match, this person usually resembles you, at least ethnically. Interested? Check bethematch.org
  5. I had a nice lunch with my dear friend Concha today, whose company is always a pleasure.

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